Greetings Greetings Greetings

~ Welcome to JERKebago PEC ~
-The brainchild of Saiqa & Joshua-

After a long haul - we are ready to open.

We wanted to dedicate a page to our village, who have turned into our JERKebago FAM.

Bubbie, Nana, Nani
Gratitude on gratitude for all of your support. Your openness and willingness to listen to 2 crazy kids and their wild idea is much appreciated. We’re thankful skepticism, readily turned into excitement, enthusiasm & giddiness. Thank you for the countless hours that you all spent on JERKebago with us. As well, the endless chit chat about our vision, providing us with insight from your wise selves. Keep it coming - it has only just begun!!!!

Mr.Gene Frederick

Couldn’t have done it without you. All your hard work and patience is appreciated a whole lot. We (especially I, Joshua) know at times it was a painstaking process - but it was allllll worth it, dontcha think brother?

Adam and Allison @ adamsonbarbecue
Akmal C
Bree Seeley
Debrah M
Denise Egan-Bray
Gail Connelly
Feizan C
Madeline Lunney @
Mohamed Alaoui Sosse
Murshida M @
Sarah and Marc KB - @
Thomas Lucas @

All of you Perkers up there - thank you for believing in our vision when it was solely our thoughts. We know how challenging it must have been to take a gamble on us - we put our words into action and hope you love what we’ve created and will continue to create! Y’all are amazing!

During one of our most ‘make or break’ moments in our journey, you all rallied together in support of JERKebago as a local business, for us as a family and entrepreneurs.
We were beautifully blown away, with all the encouraging words and the motivation you brought forth. The time you spent writing in letters of support, sharing our posts and spreading the word is immeasurable. We thank you from the bottom of our toes, to the tips of the hair on our head.
Really, really, really and truly - thank you!
Y’all are the bees knees!

All the Councillors and the Mayor of Quinte West
Thank you for keeping open and receptive, allowing our words to help revise your thoughts. As well, we genuinely appreciate the support and encouragement towards JERKebago PEC.
Y’all rock!

@ 12graincreative

Thank you for being you. Thank you for allowing me (Saiqa) a second opportunity to work with you - despite my shortcomings, allowing me to evolve with you, and for working with my crazy ideas! Thank you from JERKebago, for collectively creating a bomb diggity web page! It is super simple and complex, most of all super shnazzy!